The Shah Bano Rounded Studs


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Product Description

Inspired by Neon Blue hues of Paraiba Tourmalines, these studs carry mystical carved blue stones with floral engravings in deep cuts giving it a vintage aesthetic, casted in a Taj (crown) shaped 925 Silver rounded metal frame (Purest form of Chandi used in Jewelry making) which is then Gold Polished in 22kt quality giving it a genuine Gold Lustre.

Jewellery Care Instructions

  • Always try to store your jewellery in a clean, air tight or dry places. Keeping pieces wrapped in a fabric or a clean tissue in a box with compartments and dividers is also very helpful. Prevent pieces from scratching each other off by investing in a nice jewellery box, even while you travel with them.
  • Always wear jewellery after having perfumed yourself and completing the make-up.
  • For more detailed Care Tips, read our Care Section.
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